All your streaming music in one place (invite only)

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Thanks for posting DISCO.IO, and for the nice words Andrew! I'll try to send invites as soon as they come. Feel free to ask anything and to send some feedback. Cheers.
I use Disco and I'm really impressed. I *love* the interface and my favorite thing is that I can import YouTube mixes!! There's some work to do to get this to mobile, but for web I've seen nothing better.
@UXAndrew This looks promising, hate it when I find something nice on YouTube that Spotify doesn't have. Up until now I would just deal with the fact that I would forget about it (instead of being able to add it to one of my playlists). Was just talking with @BelleBCooper about music services, perhaps give this one a try?
@PieterPaul @BelleBCooper I think there is a real need for "amalgamation" services...like services that combine stuff from different places (is there a term for this or am I the first to name it?). I love Disco's interface too. I always tell my clients that it isn't about "simplicity", it's about having a high Signal-to-Noise ratio. Disco is just 100% signal. It's everything you want, right on hand, without all the bullshit to interfere.
@UXAndrew @BelleBCooper "amalgamation"... I thought you just made that word up, but: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ama... I totally agree, the perception can be simplicity, but most simple things are actually quite complicated.
They won me over as soon as I saw Fink - Looking Too Closely at the top of the page. My. Jam.
Yesss! I've been waiting for this for a long time and was going to build it at a hackathon if I couldn't find a better alternative by then!
@tzhongg thanks! I hope you'll like it.
@antoinem Can you give me beta access? :)
@antoinem thanks :D You should also allow importing from Spotify
We received so many invites requests we'll have to send them over the next few days. We should have anticipated this, but it was a nice surprise. Thanks everybody, and thanks Product Hunt!
@antoinem hope you'll be releasing some more soon. looking fwd to trying it out!
@malcolmcasey Sure thanks, but don't tell anybody you jumped the line :)
@antoinem Yay....aggregated personalized audio. We (@adorilabs) love such plays. Could I also request a beta invite...pretty please? Good luck with everything!
@kartikparija @adorilabs thanks. Can't find your email in the list. We're sending invites faster now, it shouldn't be too long.