Incentivized Surveys for Conversion Rate Optimization

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Morgan Brown
Morgan Brown@morganb · Author, Hacking Growth
Obviously everyone at Qualaroo are huge fans of qualitative feedback to improve conversions. Others can address models of collecting feedback and the pros/cons of each, but the more people who think about qualitative feedback as a crucial part of improving site/funnel performance the better. The Qualaroo team wishes you guys tons of luck!
Everette Taylor
Everette Taylor@everette · CMO @Skurt || 4x Founder
Anuj Adhiya
Anuj Adhiya@anujadhiya · Engagement/Analytics at GrowthHackers
Why haven't others in the space, like Qualaroo, already implemented incentivized surveys? What other advantage would Disco have if they did? cc @morganb
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréPro@nikkielizdemere · B2B SaaS Consultant
@AnujAdhiya That's a solid question, would love @morganb's or @everette's thoughts.
Lance Jones
Lance JonesMaker@lance_jones · Copy Hackers & Airstory
@AnujAdhiya I love Qualaroo... used it plenty while I led CRO activities at Intuit. I'm sure Sean Ellis could better address your question, Anuj, but I suspect they have their own product roadmap. We're focusing specifically on designing incentivized surveys for the cart page... which is somewhere you'll never see a survey. With our solution, you collect data from people who are closest to conversion and also help close a sale. We're excited to show everyone what we're building -- coming soon!
Sean Byrnes
Sean Byrnes@sbyrnes · CEO @ Outlier AI / Founder, Flurry
It's an interesting idea, but more useful for increasing conversions than actually gathering survey data. Any kind of incentive for completing a survey introduces significant bias and/or skew when people lie to just get the reward.
Lance Jones
Lance JonesMaker@lance_jones · Copy Hackers & Airstory
@sbyrnes Thanks Sean, and we partially agree with you. :-) Disco is more about making sales than collecting visitor data. Our early beta testing is showing tremendous promise for reducing cart abandonment. We pair a question with a discount, and the people who respond also tend to be the people who are closest to converting. Asking survey questions on the cart page is taboo -- but we're making it work. In fact, we're designing survey questions that reinforce the visitor's desire to make a purchase.
Antoine Marguerie
Antoine Marguerie@antoinem · Product Designer
For one second I believed you posted http://disco.io ... Actually quite a different Disco :)
Martin H. Normark
Martin H. NormarkHunter@martinhn · Founder, @geteighty
@antoinem Yeah, names can be misleading.
Lance Jones
Lance JonesMaker@lance_jones · Copy Hackers & Airstory
Hi all, this is a bit of a surprise. :-) I'm the co-founder of Disco -- and also Copy Hackers. Happy to answer questions about what we're building... I'll jump to a couple of the questions straight away.