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    Depth of catalogue, content, stories, quality


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    Greatest service for classical music !!!

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Guillaume Descottes
Guillaume DescottesMaker@guidescottes · Founder
Music brought me my wife (my piano teacher, yes you read well), long lasting friends, 7 awesome colleagues and 50,000 monthly engaged listeners, who love the playlists we send them twice a week. And when I started, believe me, I didn't know more than anyone else about classical music. What I knew very well is that art, beauty and meaningful products can change you for the better. You feel lonely and sad? The greatest composers can help you with that. Looking for a purpose in life, or just some fun? In the past thousands of years, countless amazing brains realised the best of themselves to make it happen. Magnify your life by spending your time with the greatest composers. Get to know them, learn from them, and enjoy what they composed, anytime, anywhere. This is why we built the app. Now I’ll talk a little more about the tech and organisational side of things. The mobile app took 4 months to build thanks to the efforts of our agency Ucreate. In order to make the experience as smooth as possible (and costs reasonable for this first version 🙂) we chose React Native. We released the app a month ago and have since concentrated our efforts on debugging. There is still plenty to do and we'd kindly appreciate your feedback. A special Thanks to Sam, Damian and Marcin from Ucreate, and a big kiss to the entire DiscMuseum team. We all can't wait to hear your thoughts
AbadesiHunter@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
This is super cool, as a classical music fan I'm really excited. I used to love Spotify's Classify section but they don't really maintain it anymore -- what's the grand vision @guidescottes?
Guillaume Descottes
Guillaume DescottesMaker@guidescottes · Founder
@abadesi Well, with our 1 000 exclusive music programmes, and new ones coming every week, you can be sure we'll feed you with beautiful music everyday!
Guillaume Descottes
Guillaume DescottesMaker@guidescottes · Founder
@abadesi The vision is that we are deeply convinced that classical music is for everyone. Whether in movies, ads, radios or concerts, classical music is already everywhere. So the idea is to create the means for anyone to be engaged, at anytime. Whether you are a musician or a beginner, there will be something for you to learn & enjoy.