Helping HIV+ prove they disclosed to their partner

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@insidedrones you might want to re-read the description...
Not sure I'm understanding this right... You're charging $5 to basically send someone the equivalent of a "Yo" app notification saying they have HIV? If this is something needed why are you charging so much for it? Did I miss something?
@yo Hey Troy. I don't think you're understanding it actually. There isn't any notification sent to anyone. Literally, if you came over to my house and we were planning on having sex, I'm legally required (unfairly) to disclose I have HIV. So, I pick up my phone, open disclosur+ and show you my screen which has: my image, "I am HIV positive." and then you click "got it." While you were quickly looking at the screen, the camera is recording you (the proof for me that I disclosed). Then the video is uploaded in the background automatically to the server, etc. It is held there for 3 years. Hope that helps. As far as price questions, although I tend to believe the app is underpriced actually at $5, the price was focus grouped with the target demographic and that is the launch price. The price covers the secure server costs holding videos for that long and Apple gets their cut. What would you price it at?
Thanks! I'm one of the creators of this tool. At first glance, you may not understand the need for this app. But as someone living with HIV, 34 states have archaic HIV criminalization laws and as you may have seen before on the local news, when someone that is positive is accused of not disclosing their HIV status, they are arrested and charged. The investigation is later after they are publicly named on the news. This app helps to prove they disclosed. How? The app uses a screen to disclose, and uploads a video file to a secure server when they show the disclosure to their partner. It gps stamps, date/time stamps and it uploads a data packet from the user's phone. It is held in a secure server should any positive person need to prove they disclosed. The alternative is a contract or nothing. The burden of proving disclosures or innocence resides on the positive individual. This app merely helps prove, if accused.
@imstilljosh I was aware of the disclosure requirements but hadn't considered the obvious difficulties of meeting them in a legally defensible way. Is there case law in many of the disclosure states or will you be building a new precedent in each state if/when @disclosureapp's proof of disclosure is challenged?
@kkdub many of the states have already prosecuted based on these outdated laws. The lack of being able to prove a disclosure happened is the nail in the coffin for the HIV positive person accused. Prosecutors and defense attorneys agree that video is solid evidence. It is worth noting that this app doesn't record audio. Once audio is included it opens a bag of privacy issues and intent heard, etc. we intentionally made the app as simple and effective as possible. My co-developer is actually an attorney. 😉 answer you question?
@imstilljosh How can you prove, that the person him or her self watched it?
@tristancelebi when the positive person shows their screen to their partner, it makes a 10 second video in the background, and that video is uploaded to a server (in the background of the app). There is a small disclaimer at the bottom of that screen which is all what makes recording the video clip legal. But ultimately, this is protection for the positive person, if they are falsely accused.
@imstilljosh Seems solid! Kudos to you, for making a positives life more secure in the States.
@tristancelebi thank you. It's not a perfect solution but until the laws are updated to stay with the science, I wanted to give those living with the virus something more than wish, prayer and a contract. 😄 thank you! My developing partner, the guys behind @nurx app, helped make my vision finally easy, and cool enough for peeps to use before a hookup-- if that's their thing. The use of technology in this way could mean the difference between an innocent verdict or 15-30 years in jail, if convicted. 😁