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Would be awesome to see this product in action before signing up! Often can be off-putting to ask for certain twitter permissions without being able to see what exactly can be done. Sounds intriguing though... Seems more of the PR angle than everyday news for everyone?
@bentossell I agree, I was slightly disappointed with the ability to not have a screen shot that is showing us what we are signing up for.
@tayler2412 @bentossell If you email contact@disclose.to the email bounces back. Maybe a spam to get oauths?
i downloaded and used today. it's awesome. i never know which podcast to listen to, this app populates and lets you listen to the first 3 minutes, then a choice to skip if you're not interested or just swipe to move on at any time. it's really an ingenious way to listen to content. only thing that bugs me is the thomas the train logo.