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#3 Product of the DayApril 16, 2020
Gather, engage and monetise your network with your own community platform. Create unlimited groups to segment your audience, sell online courses and subscriptions, promote events and structure content with a content library.
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Hey Product Hunt! I hope everyone is doing well with what’s going on. I’m very excited to launch our new community platform. It’s the best way to create an independent, single-interest social space for your customers, fans and followers. Previously, social networks have been defined by a handful of open, centralised platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. People capitalised on these networks by building large engaged followings within them. However, as these centralised networks have matured they have become increasingly congested. Reach and engagement has fallen and brand vulnerability has risen. This is why we created Disciple - to help change the direction of how people connect with each other and with things they are passionate about. We want to help businesses and creators build their own single interest networks easily and without any coding skills. Somewhere they can receive value from their community and deepen the relationships with their most valuable customers and fans. For the past two years, we've been helping hundreds of creators and businesses, such as The Rolling Stones and Forbes, to build and grow their communities. But after receiving a lot of interest from smaller communities we decided to create a more affordable community platform. - Built with the latest PWA (Progressive Web App) technology - so it is as friendly on - mobile as it is on desktop. - Customise your community space with your brand colours and logos. - Segment your audience by interest, location and demographic with unlimited groups and content feeds. - Charge subscriptions to join your community or a particular group (beta). - Promote your physical and online events. - Structure your content and other resources with an easy-to-use content library. - Members can create their own profiles, find, friend and message each other. - Members can use @mentions and topic hashtags to find relevant content and conversations. - and much more. You get a 7-day free trial and you don’t need to provide your card details to start. After that, it'll only cost $55/£45 per month to run the community and you’ll get new features and updates for free. We’d also love to give the Product Hunt community 30% off with the code: 30percentoff Let me know your thoughts in the comments below - I would love to hear where you think the direction of social media is heading! Thanks, Benji
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Hi @benjidisciple, congrats on the launch! 🎉 The product looks good. I just wanted to know how is Disciple different from Mighty Networks?
Thanks @prakharshivam! And great question. We are in the same industry, but there are some key differences between us. Mighty Networks describe themselves as a community website builder. We are an all-in-one community platform that includes your own publishing, analytics and community management console. You can also upgrade to our Mobile App offering at any time and we only charge a fraction of what Mighty Networks does, but with more functionality. But overall, we're trying to achieve the same: empower brands and creators to build independent communities of true value, outside of social media noise with better privacy and security.
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@benjidisciple That's great. All the best!
Hi all! I'm a product manager here at Disciple and based on everyone's feedback this seems like a great opportunity for us to review our product roadmap. What improvements would everyone like to see? Please submit your ideas and suggestions below.
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Hey @alex_jupiter - great product, nice work! I think it would be really cool if we could customise the user profiles a bit more, maybe add some fields that are specifically relevant to my community?
@jj_donegan great question! And I'm happy to say we're actively working on this. Whenever a member signs up to a community a host will be able to set a number of questions for them to answer. If these are "Public" questions the answers will be displayed on the member's profile. A host will also be able to filter members depending on these answers. You can expect this in approximately 3-4weeks :).
@alex_jupiter Hey Alex, this looks great for my community! I see you have direct messaging built it but is there any plans to add group messaging? That would be really cool! Nice work on this 👌
Hey @jiggajack! Group messaging is coming within the next couple of weeks 😁. We're really excited to release this so definitely signup and we'll let you know when it arrives.
I was thinking of trialing your product but I think for something like this 7 days is not long enough to actually get a good feel for it.... Need a few days to setup, get used to it as an admin, then invite users, for them to start generating content, then to get feedback from them, just not possible within 7 fays
@ismet_osman thanks for your feedback! We're thinking of extending the free trial for all customers. If you sign up now, and need more time, just DM me and we'll extend the trial :)
@benjidisciple I signed up, going through the setup process... already submitted a few feature requests
@benjidisciple cant see how to DM you,but i signed up with slink@getsl.ink
I am excited to get started with this! @benjidisciple
Thanks @eric_chiyembekeza! Let me know if you have any questions.
I can imagine using this for the online orchard management course that I'm creating.
Hey @jo_homan :) Our platform is great for online courses - we built it with that in mind! Let me know if you have any questions about it.