A simple way to deploy static websites to Amazon S3 💻

* Very little understanding of AWS required

* Interactive UI for configuring deployment

* Step-by-step list of what’s happening

* Support for no trailing slashes in URLs

* Use an AWS Profile (named credentials) to authenticate with AWS

* CloudFront and HTTPS support (coming soon)

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Mike Coutermarsh
Used to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub
@brandon_weiss I LOVE S3 sites! For cloudfront, will it auto invalidate for you? Also setting cache by filetype would be helpful
@mscccc I was thinking that with CloudFront enabled there might be an extremely high Cache-Control, and then when deploying it would bust the cache, causing it to update. Ah, I hadn't thought of cache-by-filtetype. If you think that'd be useful could you open an issue explaining why? Thanks! ❤️
Francesco AgostiSoftware Engineer at 0x
This is awesome - I've always wondered why a "go to" solution for this didn't exist. There are a few packages swimming around out there but none of them seem to make the cut (please correct me if I'm wrong). Hoping this can be my go-to: HTTPS and Cloudfront would be 👌🏼
@francescoagosti Yeah! That’s what I found. None of the existing tools I tried worked or worked how I expected, let alone provided a good interface so I could understand what was happening or where things were going wrong.
With Kirby CMS = ♥️
I just added support for a CDN and HTTPS/TLS in version 0.3.0!