Dirty Markup

Tidy up your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code

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For all the linting tools out there, I found Dirty Markup to be one of the best. It's well-designed and is very configurable. Give it a try!
I agree, there's several out there but I like the design and simplicity of it. I also like some of the fetatures like adding line breaks for legibility.
Awesome. For someone who's been coding for a year or so, that would definitely make my life easier... sometimes i feel like crying when looking @ my code.
Thanks for the upvotes, everyone! Some info: DirtyMarkup uses tidy-html5 (a fork of the original Tidy), a fork of CSS Tidy, and JS Beautify for HTML, CSS, and JS respectively. Despite many tools out there, I developed it because none of them quite "did it" for me. Most have too many options or they forget your preferences. Others are just hideous to look at. DirtyMarkup tries to give you only the options you need without overcomplicating things :) Easter egg! There's a hidden API that you can use to write a bookmarklet or browser extension. (View source for details.)
Updated: DirtyMarkup was just redesigned and built on top of Node.js. There's also a public API you can use now.
I like the idea of this. Would love to see 1) More options, like aligning assignments in adjacent lines, and 2) a plug-in built into Sublime Text or Textedit. :)
@joshuapinter this is totally possible now with the new API.