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Like Facebook, Twitter is creating a constellation of apps with Periscope, Vine, Twitter #Music (RIP) but I'm surprised they haven't launched a standalone DM client already. Private messaging in the Twitter mobile app has always felt clunky, although they've made some notable improvements in the past year: (1) Added image/video support to DM's (2) Support for group DM's (3) Removed the 140-character restriction (finally!) (4) And just yesterday I noticed they added support for browser notifications Let's take bets. Will Twitter release its own standalone private messaging app by the end of the year? P.S. we should add a polling feature on Product Hunt. πŸ˜‰
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@rrhoover I still find it shocking how laggy direct messages are between my browser and (android) phone. Lots of work to be done here I think πŸ˜”
@rrhoover I have a feeling they're working on one... but I worry it won't see the light of day :)
@rrhoover Polling feature - YES. As for standalone app - they just might?
@rrhoover But why is there the need for another app?
@rrhoover I believe Twitter is less about interaction and more about broadcasting. I feel carefree about following someone on Twitter than accepting friend request on FB. Would be interesting to understand the Twitter twist in the DM space.
From the wording above, I actually thought this was an official product. Sad to see it isn't :(
@krishan711 Hey Krishan - Sorry for the confusion - it should have said "unofficial" somewhere in the listing. Although Twitter should really have this app available already! It integrates with the current system but allows you to send richer messages such as voice notes or stickers (and more).
Need Android Version :(
I never saw the need for a standalone DM app for Twitter until I opened up my settings to receive from anyone and joined the Product Hunt team πŸ˜† Now I think I need one! Will be testing this out 😏
Hey! I love the app so far, though found it a bit odd it didn't use the native Twitter integration to log into my account and the login screen didn't support a password manager *or* pasting in one :(
@ow I'm always very hesitant to enter my password within a web view for security reasons. πŸ˜•
@ow - We are using Twitter's Fabric SDK to login (does all the login magic for us) and to get access to direct messages Twitter request that developers use the fallback webview - otherwise when creating Twitter API Keys there is no option to access direct messages. Disclosure: We are not 100% sure that apps are unable to access direct messages without the fallback webview - can someone fact check this?