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Happy to see this featured today! We are excited to be adding a web client to the current suite of apps supporting a standalone Direct Messenger client for Twitter. You can immediately try it out at directmessenger.co. As per our iOS and Android clients, this web client operates within the Twitter ecosystem by plugging into the Direct Messages API. Features include: -Seamless message syncing across devices (including first-party Twitter clients) -Stickers -Quick Search -Photo Upload -Voice-Note Playback -Web Notifications -User Context -Smart URLs We are working on some amazing things at HQ and can’t wait for you to try it out. You can now message us from the web at https://www.directmessenger.co/@... P.S. Chat Heads on Android!
Nice, George! Been waiting for this since you made Direct Messenger for iPhone: "Any plans for a Web version? I use messenger.com a ton now, and really would love similar for Twitter. Their DM experience on Web is even worse than mobile." https://www.producthunt.com/tech... I do wonder how/much I'll use this. I've noticed I often like going to Messenger.com for FB because 1) FB takes too long to load, and 2) I'm often initiating a conversation, for which a full-blown messaging experience is better. However Twitter 1) doesn't take too long to load, so I don't mind using Twitter.com for DMs, and 2) I often am using DMs via using the "Share Tweet via DM" feature. That said, maybe this will now allow me to message with Twitter more, so it could change my habits. Either way I'm excited. Nitpick: Messenger.com is a Facebook-owned property (possibly trademarked?). And the name of the product is Direct Messenger. This should be called "Direct Messenger for Web - The best unofficial Twitter DM client, now for Web" or something like that.
@thetylerhayes - My experience with messenger.com is similar to yours except I find myself starting conversations on facebook.com and then carrying them on in a dedicated tab I have open for messenger. Same with DM for the Web - I start conversations from my timeline but carry them on at directmessenger.com - and I definitely like using stickers. As for Twitter’s DM on the web - I can’t stand the UX - they’ve made a few minimal changes in the past months however it’s still not a great experience in my opinion. Maybe if all you want to do is send a quick message to someone it’s fine - but for longer form content an immersive experience trumps the current offering any day. Although maybe people only use direct messages for short conversations anyways…
Thank you for building this. In my Twitter-centric-world, y'all have become royalty. 👑👑👑👑