Direcon - Instagram Management Tool

Drive growth at every stage of your Instagram account.

#5 Product of the DayAugust 15, 2019
Basically, all the tools you need to drive growth at every stage of your Instagram account.
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Hello Product Hunt, We are so excited to launch a product on PH again 🎉We are proud to introduce you Direcon 🔥 Brief descriptions of our current features. INSIGHTS: You can track the growth of your metrics, have a better understanding of your audience, and learn your Instagram account's Visibility Score compared to other users. HASHTAGS: If you are a person who likes the advanced features, you can track the hashtags you are currently using on Instagram to see their Hashtag Efficiency Scores for your account and get notifications when your posts make it to the Top Posts sections of those hashtags. Or you can simply turn on the Smart Hashtag Manager on to let us suggest you hashtags for your every post. Smart Hashtag Manager is trained to find the most relevant hashtags to your posts to maximize your chance to be displayed on the Top Posts sections of those hashtags. Once we found the hashtags, we send them to your post as the first comment. Some of you may know that hashtags can bring up to 100K impressions per post depends on the account size. This is the best way to grow your audience. CONTENT: We designed this feature to help you optimize your content. You can see which posts, colors, and content types work best for your account. COMMUNITY: You can manage your mentions and comments on a single dashboard. You can have more control over your audience with advanced filter and sorting options. The best part is, we offer lifetime access for $50 for a limited time to celebrate our launch ❤️ Keep an eye on Direcon, we will be releasing some more game-changing features soon 🤞🏻
@kaanayaz_ You have 30,000 companies/customers at launch?
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I got amazing results with this thing and it’s super easy to use ! Def. worth my fifty bucks, thanks @kaanayaz_ 👊🏻
Worth every penny. Good job!
Looking pretty good. It's cool how in depth information you can pull up these days.
@oliverolson7 Thank you Oliver and yeah Instagram Graph API provides some useful data but I think it's more important how you provide them to your own users to help them optimize their Instagram strategy
does it work for private accounts?
@adeel_van Hello Adeel, since we use Instagram's Graph API we only accept Instagram accounts which has been converted to a business account. Instagram doesn't allow private accounts to convert to a business account so unfortunately we can't support private accounts.