Dip Clip

An in-car holster for your dipping sauce of choice

Dip Clip is an in-car holster that connects to your air vent to securely hold your dipping sauce of choice for easy sand safe dipping.

Many years of driving, having dripped sweet and sour, indeed barbeque sauce down my shirt before an importany meeting, I am overjoyed at the release of the Dip Clip. I have no doubt that this object of beauty will change my life for the better, and will rival Android Auto as the most important feature of my car. Or indeed any car that i will purchase in the years to come. No longer will I wait that extra 5-6 seconds at the drive-thru window contemplating whether to take sauce, balancing the thought of tasty nuggets versus a potentially messy shirt. Hooray for Dip Clip!
@jwelch Well said
@jwelch you insane and that means you will (and I can see already do, on Kickstarter) have success with your source accessories innovation...!!
Really civilization needs this? Ok. I'am sorry. for 1,987 people needs.