Dino Run DX

Escape extinction in the prehistoric dinosaur proto-runner



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Richard Grillotti
Richard GrillottiHunter@pixel2600
Hello! I'm Richard Grillotti, co-creator of Dino Run. Dino Run DX is the latest version of our prehistoric multiplayer dinosaur racing game. The objective of Dino Run is to help your little velociraptor Escape Extinction by outrunning the pyroclastic wall of doom from the great dino-extincting asteroid impact. Play it alone, or in online multiplayer, where you can race up to 5 other dinos to see who will reach sanctuary first. Don't forget to choose your favorite hat and body colors before you head out... (yes, historically, velociraptors were known to have extensive hat collections). In 2015 we updated Dino Run significantly and released it on STEAM as Dino Run DX, along with launching our very own crowdfunding campaign to continue to develop & add major updates to the game. Each Milestone reached = a new feature added. Check out our Roadmap to see what we've got planned: pixeljam.com/dinorun Our most recent addition to Dino Run DX is FreeRun Mode. Turn off the Wall of Doom, hang out in the game without having to run. Chat with other players, role play, and trigger all sorts of events. Basically play it YOUR way and do what you like, alone or while chatting with friends. Also worth mentioning is the Halloween Hellrun update we added in October 2015 as a surprise hat's full of freaky game mechanics, and some new hats of course. :) Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to comment, talk, ask us questions, and discuss anything Dino Run related here.