Splitting payments the fun and easy way

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Hello Product Hunters! We are finally here!! Dinngo is a payment app that turns the simple act of tagging into payments. By uploading a photo and tagging your friends in-app, expenses and bills are then split amongst those tagged, with mobile payments powered by Venmo. Whether it's dinners, movies, night out for drinks, or summer barbecues, group moments are shared on the Dinngo timeline, allowing group activities to stay fun, minus the pain of figuring out shared expenses.
Was telling a friend the other day how this needed to be made. Surprised Venmo hasn't come up with something like this yet. Will make going out to dinner with my buddies at school much easier.
@andrewmettinger I know! I've been there before and still now! That's why we design Dinngo to solve this problem. Students are our target customers.
Congrats on the launch! What does your app do differently from a few of the other expense splitting apps?
@dantolb Thanks for asking! 1.Most of other splitting apps doesn't connected to any payment method (ex: your bank account, Venmo, Paypal...etc.) 2.Most of them are a REAL CALCULATOR, super heavy and hard to understand, our SUPER FRIENDLY UI will make you in love with splitting fares with friends again! Most importantly, download and give it a try, you'll know what I'm talking about :-)
What's the point if needing to take a photo?
@_jacksmith It's cool and interesting! So that you can know what your friends are charing you for and what your friends are doing.
Does every one of your friends need to have the app installed too? If so, how do you engage user to join the app? What is the process? (Congratulations by the way ;) )
@tsunaze Yes, they all have to install Dinngo :) It's easy to make people engage, first, it's a super useful tool so they'll use it every time when out with buddy, second, we have timeline function, you can browse what your friends are doing, these are how we make people engage :)