Dinner Mode

Fast and easy way to disconnect from tech and be mindful.

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Sloane Davidson
Founder, Farsight Media
This is a really simple app. It's a timer you set while you eat to keep you off your phone. It stems from a personal experience I had recognizing that I was too addicted to my devices and a passion for food and realizing that being mindful while eating was a great way to spend time every day focused on what I was doing. This is a super simple MVP version.
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Cool. This reminds me of the UNICEF Tap Project from last Spring.
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Kevin Holesh
Maker of Moment and Focus
I love the focus on being mindful while eating with your family. I was raised on a steady diet of "be home for dinner and be ready to talk about your day." No matter how crazy my family member's lives got, we always had that 30 minutes together. I think it's a huge reason my parents, sisters, and me are so close to this day.
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