Ding Dong

"What's up" in one tap

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We made Ding Dong. AMA!
Welcome, @ogtfaber! I first discovered Ding Dong ~year ago. You've made some significant changes since then. What is the most surprising user behavior or discovery you've found building Ding Dong?
@ryanhoover we have learned that there are tons of moments in the day people think of someone or want to connect. For example, you hang out in bar and think of some friends, but you don't do anything with it. Or you think about someone and would like to say hi without getting into a conversation. Ding Dong reduces these frictions by just saying "this is where I'm at" in a tap. We found that it's very rewarding to get this, as a photo on the map. Many of our users experienced a serendipity moment, where you are accidentally close to each other and just decide to meet up.
@ogtfaber - sounds like you're tackling some similar use cases and benefits as Highlight (which recently launched a major "2.0" update, discussion here: http://www.producthunt.co/posts/223). The biggest difference from what I see is that Ding Dong is focused on explicit sharing where as Highlight is more passive (correct me if I'm wrong). What do you think of Highlight and what is the long-term vision of Ding Dong?
Which cities have the most active user bases? Are you seeing a specific threshold in terms of city size past which engagement / virality increases by an order of magnitude?