More Dates, Not Swipes.

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Hello product hunt community, Just this week, we released Dine all throughout the US and Canada, an iOS app that our users believe solves some of the biggest frustrations we are finding with other popular dating apps. We currently are being featured on the Apple app store as well! To be specific, we feel the biggest problem with online dating is the fact that many of us are matching with 10s-100s of people and when it comes to actually setting up a date it never seems to happen. To make it more clear, the ACTUAL match to date ratio is just too low. To add to that the amount of time we are spending need on these apps swiping left and right is flat out ridiculous. And then no dates? What gives? Dine cuts out all of the painful back and forth and just gets down to setting you up on a date with someone you are actually interested in. Let’s face it, the biggest ice breaker of all is meeting face to face for a first date over good food and drinks. Dine is getting millennials back out there in the playing field and is bringing back real conversation. That is what we all need when it comes down to it. Check out Dine now, make a profile, and pick your favorite places to eat and drink and then meet someone for a first date! Any feedback or suggestions from this community would be gratefully appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from everyone. Best, Keisuke (Co-founder & CEO)