Device mockup generator for your website and app screenshots

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Would be nice if you could enter a URL and it would automatically take desktop / mobile screenshots of the site and put them in the device mockups. Cool app though
@patrickbolle definitely. I've tested doing that and I got mixed results. Sometimes the styling is off, or there's a popup modal in the way. Though I've heard that headless Chrome should be quite good. So maybe I'll check that out.
@patrickbolle @marktheis isn't that what it does
@jonasalmut No, you upload a screenshot and it places it within the mockup devices
This looks awesome.
Looks great! What is the reason for the poor browser compatibility? Everything seems to work perfectly until I want to download the mockup.
@andrewpeterprifer The mockup is generated in the browser using features not every browser has. There is no server involved. Doing it that way means that the experience is faster, but yes the trade off is that it only works in some browsers. Hopefully the other browsers will catch up soon :)
@marktheis ah I see. You're probably using something like toBlob() on the canvas, right? Maybe you could fall back to toDataURL() on older browsers? Slightly inconvenient but at least it'd allow users to save it. :)
@andrewpeterprifer That's right. The fallback methods didn't have the features I needed and would take a big amount of effort to achieve. If at all possible. I decided it wasn't worth it to pursue. Betting on future support :)
Have you guys thought about making an API?
@domainoji Right now the mockup is being generated in the browser with no server involved, so not at the moment.
@domainoji apparently all of it is in-browser, so an API would mean a completely separate product. ;)