Dim your extra monitors to avoid distractions

If you work with multiple monitors sometimes you'll want to focus on the primary one.

And hey, that's just what Dimmy does.

  • Dylan Tientcheu
    Dylan TientcheuDeveloper & Designer

    Simple, easy to use


    Updates must be done manually

    It is a great tool, I love having full luminosity, just to see my screen clearly but when I'm using one monitor I do not need the others to blow me out so this is just the perfect tool

    Dylan Tientcheu has used this product for one week.
  • Rodrigo Tejero
    Rodrigo TejeroWeb Developer!

    Works on windows


    No cons I can see

    Great work. Love the interface and the easy UX.

    Rodrigo Tejero has used this product for one week.
Plus it looks like Dimmy works on Windows, and ScreenFocus only works on Macs currently.
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@alexsmacd Yep, this one is for Windows and also it's a free utility
Hey guys/gals! We've just updated the app, so that you can set it to start automatically with Windows and also dim the main monitor if it's not being used. Feedback is always welcomed and greatly appreciated!
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@biohzrd_mx Great, very quick response to comments. Love the program.
Its simply awesome!
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@biohzrd_mx How does this compare to the recently launched ScreenFocus?
@amrith @thiagoafram strong differentiator 😁
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@amrith Hi! This is for Windows and as has been mentioned, it's a free utility. Hope you like it!
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@amrith @rrhoover Heck yeah! Especially for something like that 😆💸
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Great job!! Will check it out !! Strong competition between Screen focus and Dimmy for their respective OS
@ayush_chandra Thanks! We hope you like it