Dimer makes it easy to publish documentation from simple extended Markdown, with a distraction-free writing experience, live preview and handcrafted themes for a beautiful docs experience.

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Dimer designer here. About 2 months ago, @amanvirk1 & I decided to build Dimer as a side project, with the goal of building a simplest way to publish documentation website from Markdown. Dimer helps you in publishing your documentation online by offering distraction-free writing experience, extended markdown and beautiful, handcrafted themes. Today, we are launching our first public beta which includes the following: — Access to the Dimer CLIs — Handcrafted default theme — Brand new website — New releases every 2 weeks — Community support Next up: — Landing pages — Multilingual support — Cloud editor — Documentation search — Workflow pipelines Would love to hear your thoughts! Best, Abhi

Dimer is everything you'd expect when a developer and a designer join forces to built a docs generator. It is easy to use, simple to maintain and the output is beautiful. Couldn't recommend highly enough!


Design and readability focused, super simple to maintain



It's simple and beautiful. Makes you see more, by seeing less.
Loving this! Simple, beautiful, and accessible documentation is so important beyond the scope of a developer's role. The number of times I've received real customer comments on the clarity (or lack there of) on our API docs astounds me as a product marketer. This is a critical piece to any viable, competitive SaaS business and I'm so pleased to see a solution like Dimer that solves real customer problems coming onto the playing field.
It is great to see your awesome side-project graduate, Harminder and Abhi! I can't wait to see what's next.