Get a daily text with handpicked local kid-friendly events.

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now at http://dilly.co Dilly's mission is to help parents spend better time with their kids. Once a day, Dilly will shoot you a short message with one handpicked recommendation for what to do with your family the next day. This includes local events, activities, nearby playgrounds and anything else the Dilly team finds happening nearby.
@alexgorstan link to the app goes to an error. :/
@alexgorstan Hi Alex, I would like to invite you to have a look at Yuggler, an App that I built to help parents share, discover and organize kids activities in seconds. Would love to collaborate with you on how we can simply parents' life together. All the best, Thomas
@tbodenski we're familiar with Yuggler, and would totally be interested a chat.
@vladab @alexgorstan Hi Alex, fyi ... your link to the App when I click on Get It still does not work
@alexgorstan very cool. can we try to find some time next week? would you like to send me your contact details to frontdesk@yuggler.com? I can then send my contact details back to you and suggest some dates and times for next week.
This is great - I know at least one parent in London who would definitely use it. Do you suggest based on child age? Toddlers are going to want to do very different things to a 10 year old.
@edlea thanks Ed. We're actually building that feature now. Until that ships, we do our best to curate events that are broadly appropriate like farmers markets, spring festivals, even things like when a lunar eclipse is happening – we love when we can recommend something unexpected and fun like that.
@edlea in case you would like to be in control of your search, there is an App that offers a ton of searchable data points for kids activities named Yuggler. Yuggler helps parents to discover fresh ideas for things to do for kids within seconds. It's listed here on product hunt.
This is a really cool idea. Are the plans to allow this to send weekend-only texts? Given that my wife and I work during the week, these texts on a Thursday or Tuesday wouldn't help.
@aaroncrocco, yes. It's near the top of the backlog and very important because we risk users getting fatigued with messages if they aren't actionable. Once I'm done manning the helm on Product Hunt today, I'll be able to make some of the architecture changes to support two types of subscribers - daily and weekends-only. The app will text you at some point to specify your preference, similar to how Digit does it for bank balance notifications.
I like this! Happy customer. :-D
@lisaqfetterman Thanks Lisa, this is why I do this.