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A big shout-out to @joemccann for letting me redesign and code this awesome web app :) If you like to know some more about the process and technologies used in this project, definitely check out http://resume.martinbroder.com/d... for the case study I've written. Thanks everyone!
Glad you folks like Dillinger. It is 100% free and open source. I made it while living in Amsterdam in 2011 and the community has been awesome in making it better.
This is a great example of a "not-so-new" product that still deserves to be here. Awesome tool. I've been using this for the last year or so.
Great product made even better with the new design. Cheers!

Dillinger is one of my favorite online markdown editors. It's powerful, fast, and especially useful for people just getting started with markdown.


Preview mode side-by-side with markdown editor, fast, storage on 3rd party platforms like Google Docs and Dropbox


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