Save for a home automatically by earning cash back on rent

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Digs allows you to earn move-in bonuses and cash back on your apartment in order to save for your first home. Simply rent as you normally would and watch your account balance grow. All Digs accounts earn interest and you have the ability to earn more money when you move or through other promotions. Eventually use your savings for a down payment.

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Pat McLoughlin
Pat McLoughlinMaker@patmclo
Hello everyone! I am a co-founder of Digs along with @chad_johnson When we started coming up with the idea for Digs, it was due to our frustration of spending so much money on rent, with little room to save for a home. It was almost impossible for us to save enough for a down payment without making major sacrifices. Knowing we were not alone, we started to focus our product on preparing renters to one day buy a home. Today we are proud to present what we have been working on. Our core product is a savings account that allows renters to earn money that can eventually be used when they purchase their first home. We've integrated this with an apartment search so renters can find apartments in our network that offer cash back and move-in bonuses. Our product also educates renters on the home buying process so they can understand how their savings will translate to real expenses at closing. For instance, when a renter’s account reaches their first milestone of $450, they will be notified that they have saved enough for a home inspection - a necessary step in the home buying process, but not necessarily common knowledge. Future milestones are also laid out and explained. We are excited to finally launch and can't wait to hear what you think!
Grant Trahant
Grant Trahant@grntwish · Founder of Causeartist.com
@patmclo this is a fantastic idea 👍
Andreu Pifarre
Andreu Pifarre@andreupifarre · Creative. Thinker. Maker. Developer.
@patmclo how do I get cash back exactly?
Pat McLoughlin
Pat McLoughlinMaker@patmclo
@andreupifarre For monthly cash back: You can check to see if your building offers monthly cash back by looking through our apartment search. If it does, then you will need to select your building on the drop down in your renter profile. Your landlord will confirm your lease and your account will start getting a contribution every month. For move-in bonuses: You can search though apartments on our site to view buildings that offer move-in bonuses. You can request a showing to any of those units. If you sign a lease with us, then you will get a lump sum added to your account. We are constantly adding more buildings to our network and we also allow tenants to request their current apartment building be added. Right now all buildings are in Chicago. We are looking to expand to other cities soon!
Chris Davis
Chris Davis@imchrisdavis · Founder, Data Davis
@andreupifarre Rebate from landlords using the platform to collect rent per: https://www.builtinchicago.org/2...