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'search results better than the search engines' thats a big claim :) How does that work and how is it measured?
@bentossell thanks for your comment! It definitely is a bit claim! The easiest way to measure it is when one compares a price. So far it's been thrilling to see users getting surprised with much better prices than engines have provided (ironically, the finders do use engines as well, they just use tricks and skills to dig them up)
@nathanfriedom so why not sell the tricks and tips instead of trying to take on some of the biggest companies in the search engine space? Genuinely curious!
@bentossell you could ask even better, will Digle be useless if people learn those tricks? The answer is simple, 1. Most people aren't into learning tricks - we want straight forward stuff, only few of us enjoy the digging challenge 2. There's a lot of natural skill involved and every search is different, you hit the first search and learn from the results how to improve your keywords your ""+- & sorting tools. Makes sense?
Interesting idea, I think if you're able to quantify the amount users can typically expect to save by using Digle you should definitely publish that somewhere. From the screenshots, it seems like it costs credits (money) to create queries, and my guess is that people are unlikely to pay for search unless they know ahead of time what they stand to gain.
@unbeliguoble clever comments! Thank you for the compliments. As for the credits aspect, users do get free credits every month! One only pays for extensive use or special features. We hope people will see the benefits, so far we've had amazing feedback specially on the deals stuff. Thank you for commenting! (And definitely looking for opportunities to publish and expand)
Digle is a people-powered search platform which aims to give better results utilizing the wisdom of the crowd and human intelligence plus skills.