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Hello Product Hunters! I don’t know if any of you remember the lawsuit back in 2013 between Google and Sweden’s language watchdog? Those of you who do, will also remember that the whole thing kicked off because of the word ‘ungoogleable’. This concept - of information that a normal search engine can’t find - is what spawned the beginnings of Digle. It’s not been uncommon in my experience to have people ask if I can try and find something online for them. At times, they’re going round in circles, finding *sort of * what they were looking for (but not quite), or simply trawling through results page after results page without coming across anything that even resembles what they need. If you work in tech, or marketing, or analytics, it can be easy to forget how little people know about the way search engines work. (WTF, keywords and algorithms??) But they still need to find stuff online, and they’re trying to do so every day. Now while the simple stuff are served perfectly by other search engines, the more unique, detailed or complex searches are left to the ones that ‘know how to find’. Add all the brands fighting it out to spend the most on SEO and PPC, and you’re left with pretty biased results for valuable keywords. With Digle, we extend the confines of the typical search bar, and pool the search expertise of people from across the world, so that people can: Be more specific about what it is they’re looking for, without worrying that Google may not cope with all their different search terms and conditions Get rewarded for helping others find what they need Feel like they’re part of a global community that’s founded on a kind of pay-it-forward culture How does Digle’s system of searching works? Someone can’t find what they need on a search engine... They log in and post their search on Digle, adding as much detail and as many conditions as possible (the more the better, in fact). They indicate what must and must not be included in any results, they upload any images and include links that support their search, and they set a deadline for results to be submitted by. They also set a reward for the top results, in cash or free credits. Once the search is live, Digle’s algorithms get to work matching the categories and content of the search with the skills and interests of potential Finders. The algorithms learn not only from the profile and interests of Digle users, but from people’s search history, i.e. what types of search that have successfully delivered results for in the past. Potential Finders are able to view the search, and mark ‘On It’ if they want to find and deliver results within the set time. When a Finder locates what they deem to be the best results, they submit their 'Find' on the search. Once the allotted time has ended for the search, the Searcher rates all of the submitted results, and selects the best one as the Winner. We’d love to receive your questions and brutal (or nice!) feedback :)
Here's the TL;DR version: Digle is a 'People Powered' search engine. Instead of trawling through pages and pages of irrelevant search results on other search engines, Digle helps connect the Searchers with the best Finders. Log in to your personal Dashboard and experience the power of Digle for yourself. http://www.digle.com Of course, feel free to AMAA (as me absolutely anything) regarding Digle, we would love to hear comments, questions, feedback, feedback and more feedback.