Digits for tvOS

The best way to grow and verify your users on Apple TV

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Hey Product Hunters! I'm Chris, PM for Digits @Twitter. We just released Digits for tvOS -- love to hear your thoughts! (more details here: http://get.digits.com/blog/intro...)
@chrisoryschak Background on why we built this product: we love Apple TV but we saw so many frustrated tweets from people having to login using the Siri Remote. We wanted to provide a fun, simple way for app developers to provide login on AppleTV that doesn't require linking your account to a social network. We hope you love it!
@chrisoryschak Hey Chris, this looks pretty cool. Could it work for a purely TVML video app?
What a coincidence: I wrote last week and today two well-received Medium articles about the topic of invisible signups and they go even further. No exposure of a phone number for SMS is needed. The articles: http://bit.ly/1OCyNxM and http://bit.ly/1Nwbb8U - because nothing is more painful than entering a long password on Apple TV!
Looks like what Facebook has just released too? this should be owned by Apple. First by passing all keychain via iCloud, second by offering an easy sign up bridge including twitter/fb powered connect bundles like this. Suggestion: make it also available via a QR code. not just URL...
@ourielohayon Ouriel - thanks for the suggestion! A lot of developers/PMs choose Digits to provide low friction (phone # based) login without requiring email or a specific social account - especially for global markets or in apps that appeal to younger customers who increasingly aren't using email. There's value in an independent, 3rd party service like Digits to drive low friction login across any/all types of devices.
@chrisoryschak sure. But from a user point of view it doesn't matter. A unified consistent login stack is preferred imo. And again qr code in addition to url is a good idea. I hate having to type in a url
@ourielohayon Agree that QR Codes would be awesome (or other ways to reduce input!)
@chrisoryschak @ourielohayon Except for 99% of users having to download a QR scanner because no one actually uses QR codes as much as companies continue to put them out.
@itsthisjustin @ourielohayon beg to disagree. that has changed over recent years. check the rank of QR scanner in the store to see...and if there is one place that is right for this it s your TV...in addition the QR scanner can be built in the SDK...no need for a separate app..
Digits is fantastic and I've started recommending all my clients let us integrate it instead of username/password. Now if only it were more reliable on sending the actual codes the first time...
I wonder which apps implement Digits? I'd like to test one out...anyone???