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The internet is a powerful tool in the hands of journalists. Web technology and the possibilities of online storytelling are more important than ever before to be embraced by news media. Hackastory believes it is crucial for journalists to stay influential in this digital era. We want to contribute to that goal with our new initiative: DigitalStory.Tools DigitalStory.Tools is a directory of tools and resources to help you build your digital stories. It’s a list of our favourite tools in 18 categories, such as Multimedia, Infographics, Mapping, Social Media and Animation. Pssst. Too be honest – we had this list for a while. It was an Excel-sheet we used while we worked as a journalist, designer and an editor in chief. It just made us happy. And we noticed, our participants of our journalism hackathons also got really excited. That’s why we turned our Excel-sheet into this simple and useful site. You know: sharing is caring. We would love to hear your thoughts.
@albertinepiels just brilliant. Sharing is caring, nice one. I've got so many spreadsheets etc on various, but turning them into something like this is not possible for this non-tech, so kudos to you. I like the colour pallet. Bookmarking this for sure in my Startup collection
@albertinepiels Looking through site now properly, I'd suggest keeping a very close eye on PH and that list list will expand very quickly with the best to offer, all in one place. Great start!!! Glad you spelt Organise correctly :D
@sam_cholera Thank you so much!
@erwblo Veel dank meneer :)
We just hit 100 upvotes! Thank you so much.