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#3 Product of the DayAugust 30, 2019
Replace your CV with a Digital Profile to get personalised career matches & professional development. Free forever.
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Just had a look @danlewistech and it's looking really good. Always been a big fan of the Digital Profile style/branding. You guys are really doing Cardiff/Wales proud. My first thought upon landing on the homepage was that I wanted to see a great example of someone's profile. Any thoughts on that? Would also love to hear about what's next?
@garethkthomas Great idea. How you fancy being the person :)
@danlewistech More than happy to help if I can. ☺️
@danlewistech @garethkthomas It's one of those brands where you can remove the name and still know which brand it is. Very well done!
Would love feedback on our new platform. We're putting peoples privacy first in the hiring process.
@danlewistech I hadn't thought of privacy in this context. Have you found that this is a big issue for people looking / applying for a job? There's definitely a culture of being 'on sale' with freelance boards.
@sgoudie Yeah huge issue, the stories of being contacted years after posting an old CV somewhere and forgetting is the typical one. We'll provide you with an audit of your private links so you can cancel them when you want.
@danlewistech It's been great watching you develop this. What was the driver for making such a big raft of changes to the product recently? I'd be interested to know if this has affected the way you think about your business model too. Happy launch day! 🚀
@iammarcthomas Changes were driven from speaking with targeted customer base to find out needs. We missed a few things from the first version and had to relook at our offering. Bringing in an ATS for businesses that looked after the process and took away the pain of manual day today tasks. Also our messaging was complicated and confusing. (Hopefully much clear now) :) Our SaaS offering has certainly changed to deal with the variety of businesses that wanted to access the platform.
Can you elaborate more about smart job matching ?
@hammad_akbar Bit complicated to explain on here but I'll try and get more detail added to the site.
This is looking awesome @danlewistech, love the branding!
@callumchapman Thank you Callum.