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As a digital marketing nut and friend of the felines, I wanted to combine them both together for a 'pet project'. I decided to take all of the digital tools I have use, tried and want to try and add them into a listing site where any money made from advertising, affiliates or promoted will go to different cat charities. If you use any of them, feel free to view and share, remember I am not a coder and this is a pet project (still in kind of beta mode), so if you come across any issues or even want to help, let me know. It is free to list the tools on the site.
@paulparsons1981 thanks! you just took my messy collection of similar notes and added some awesome sauce 😉 I am now free from endless clipping of web sites for future use
@paulparsons1981 now I kinda wanna do the same things for dogs! got a couple of rescues, and others over the years - plus a few cat rescues! did you code this, or is there a similar Wordpress theme out there for use like this?
@passingnotes great idea. I actually used a theme but had it customised. There are some other ones out there you don't need to customise but depends on what you are listing.
Nice UI and I love cats! Good luck!!
@shorsusan1 thank you!
Wow, this is awesome @paulparsons1981! Love the cat theme :) I'll be sure to submit soon
Hi everyone, thanks to the great new chipmunk theme by Piotr Kulpiński & Jan Wennesland The Digital Tools Directory has a new look and feel and is easier than every to add your digtial tools :-)
Cool project. I wish you good luck!
@dxripunov Thank you!