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What’s up, Product Hunters! I’m incredibly excited to officially open the doors to our exclusive Digital Marketing Superstars community for all you guys here on Product Hunt. ⭐ Little Backstory We started the Squirrly Company back in 2012 with the launch of Squirrly SEO, a WordPress plugin for SEO. Since then, we’ve grown and changed in many ways - but one thing stayed the same. We’re still super passionate about empowering people to reach their goals and play a part in building the next generation of digital marketing superstars. And a big part of that is sharing knowledge. One thing I’ve learned early on is that in marketing and business, the wheels never stop turning. You always have to try new things, experiment, pivot and evolve, or else you’re gonna fall behind... I think you agree with me on this one, right? So, we’re always working on creating new ways for our friends in the Squirrly community to keep learning, get inspired and find ways to be one step ahead of the game. ⭐ Digital Marketing Superstars represents a source of inspiration and a way to learn from the sharpest minds in the industry. I like to see it as a place where marketers come to grow. Plus, we made it fun and interactive with community-exclusive challenges and rewards like free access to digital marketing courses, free competitor keywords reports, discounts and more. ⭐ Learn more here: Every week, we spend a lot of time combing through hundreds of articles to find the best and most recent marketing hacks and case studies. So that you don't have to. Also, we keep the copy nice and short - because time, am I right? And we have a bulletproof filter so that we only pull the best, most valuable, actionable hacks and case studies. We want people in the community to always be excited to see DM Superstars in their inbox! ⭐ LAUNCH SPECIAL: GRAB YOUR FREE COPY OF THE DIGITAL MARKETING PLAYBOOK 🚨 24 HOURS Availability If you join our program now, you will also get instant access to our Digital Marketing Playbook, featuring +50 of the best studies and Hacks sent within the community so far. Just a heads up; this offer will only be available 24 HOURS, so if you’re curious, join our Launch Party here and take your 1st step into the DM Superstars Community. We’ve even pulled the red carpet for you. :P ****** Looking forward to your feedback and questions. Cheers, Florin Muresan, CEO of Squirrly.
@sebastian_maraloiu Thanks! After over 60 issues published to the DMS audience, I must say this product grew on all of my teammates.
It's a Double YES from me! I highly recommend Squirrly products. I've been using Squirrly SEO & SOCIAL for quite a while and believe them to be 'The Best' option in the market. We are one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Australia. We provide Secure Hosting, website design, SEO, social media and digital strategies. So, after exhaustive trials with competitive products - in our opinion, "We believe Squirrly to be The Best option" for search engine results, social and SEO - as I said before!!! ⭐ IMO : . There should be a Squirrly ⭐ STAR on 'The Hollywood Walk of Fame'! Well Done to the Squirrly Team! Cheers! Tim O'Dea, CEO of 3bits
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@3bits Thank you very much, Tim! Everyone in the team will be super excited to hear this. Next week is going to be great. This will be the best "Monday Motivation".
Looking forward to receive, read and apply them.
@tribanp awesome! glad you're a part of DMS now :D