Digital Legacy

Automate a message to send once you pass away

Store a message or hint in 2 simple steps and it gets sent to your trustful friend once you pass away away. For free. Forever.

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Christ, what a nightmare if you forget to check the "Are you okay?" email.
@theashtube thanks for your comment. Either a nightmare or an opportunity to send a message to your friend once you forget to check the "Are you okay" email. Surely he'll get worried about you!
@theashtube So right, Ash! This app reminds me of Afterbox that launched on Planet of the Apps, by the way - Such apps are sure to cause a chaos when we forget to confirm the presence.
@theashtube happened to me recently with my mum panicked and my dad gladly only checks his emails very rarely.
Such apps are sure to cause a chaos when we forget to confirm the presence. Personally not a fan of such ideas. One of the best ways to go about this: like how Facebook does - have your friends to confirm your death, and if that's a yes, share your confidential information with the trusted buddy.
@arunsathiya you are totally right. Confirming the death thought friends is probably the best way to go. Thanks for your feedback!
The idea is easy. You set a message, a recipient and your email. Once you have confirmed your legacy, periodically, you will receive emails to check whether you are ok or not (for now, since it's just a proof of concept, we did set it weekly). Once you don't confirm the system's emails, the recipient will receive the message you posted. Drop here a message in case you are missing some functionality or you have any suggestions.

Automate messages for when you pass away or you lose your account. We think is a weird but interesting concept, the digital legacy one.


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