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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 15, 2019
Digital Brain automatically content-categorizes what you’re surfing on the web, helps you annotate, and effectively take notes -- all on one platform.
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Hi there! Thank you Raz for hunting us! Co-founder and CEO of DigitalBrain here 👋 We built this product because we were frustrated copy-pasting links while we took notes and annotated from articles on the web. Please feel free to sign-up and we will email you with a link to the Chrome Extension: Please feel to ask us anything! Looking forward to hearing what you guys think!
It would be really helpful as finding some link in browser history is really annoying :)
@mikedane7 that was the initial reason for why we built the product. Thank you so much for your support!
Hey @kesava_kirupa_dinakaran! So if I understand this correctly, we can both choose articles and websites to pull in to Digital Brain as well as it automatically pulling our activity from our internet history? If I'm correct, would it also be possible to block certain links from being pulled in to Digital Brain? For me for instance, because of my activity on Product Hunt I might not want to have hundreds upon hundreds of Product Hunt links sorted for me 😅
@calum you don't have to choose anything. As you browse through different websites, Digital Brain will automatically categorize them into different buckets based on what the article is about. We're still working on the feature where you can completely block off a site, but for now, you can turn on the "research" mode and DB will wipe your slate clean and only categorize for what you surf within a certain allotted time that you've set and put it under a new project! Thanks so much for your question. :)
Great job!! ☺️ Will check it out! Where is the Firefox version?
@ayush_chandra thank you! Firefox extensions and Chrome extensions are highly code-compatible. So, it is coming rather soon. We decided to focus on the Chrome extension, for now, to invest our time into one thing and perfect it. You can subscribe to our product on and you will receive an email immediately after we release the firefox extension.
It’s cool that you guys store everything locally. But was the process of doing link recognition and categorizing done locally too? Or do you upload my history to your cloud then store the result to local? Also only Chrome extension? No Safari or Firefox?
@ryan_yao your history is not in the cloud. The only thing that our server receives is a link, to do recognition in a cloud. Hence, your browser doesn't devour any additional RAM for our extension. As for the latter, as @dmitry_dolgopolov mentioned above, both Safari and Firefox extensions are coming soon since extensions are highly compatible. Please feel free to subscribe to and we will update you as soon as it's out!