Digital Bible

The world's first AI-powered Bible.

Find verses by keyword or *by concept*. Digital Bible uses AI to classify and locate every single concept found in the Bible. Type 'vengeance' or ‘Noah’ and instantly see every related concept in the Bible (and instantly view the verses that contain them).
Perfect for arguing with Christians on the internet using their own weapon! Thanks!
@desmondzik Ha - interesting use case!
Hey PH, P from Digital Bible here. Digital Bible is an AI-Powered Bible. Digital Bible knows every concept found in the Bible - and where to find them. So you can search a term, such as "Moses" and see auto-suggestions of all the things the Bible has to say about it such as "commandment of Moses" or "law of Moses" or even "Moses commanded Eleazar"! Instantly discover the types of things the Bible discusses - and display all the Bible passages discussing these concepts. We have tens of thousands of concepts in here! A few pro tips: - when typing in the search boxes, be sure to wait a moment for the auto-suggested items to display for you before hitting return or clicking on an item - If you don't want to search by concept you can search for specific verses instead, just click on 'Search Verses' and you'll see auto-suggestions appear in response to your keystrokes - You can further filter searches by using the filter icon and selecting a 'Book' (such as Genesis, Matthew, etc.) I would love to receive feedback, and am happy to answer questions!
This is neat, though I've noticed that when I type a concept to search, I just get text matches (I even tried "heaven", which the placeholder text in the search box recommended). Is there something I'm missing UX-wise?
@spencerwi Hey Spencer, I don't think you're missing anything... The Concepts here are tied to heaven. So they will tend to have heaven in it. The AI identifies 'heaven' and a cluster of further delineated concepts involving heaven - heavenly subsets if you will. For example, broad concepts such as 'kingdom of heaven'.... or narrower concepts such as the 'dew of heaven' (who knew that was even a thing? - but it is 😊). Skimming the list, you quickly get a sense for how the main concept you're looking up is framed and discussed throughout the Bible. The AI is pulling out conceptual subsets - not raw text matches. To see the difference, consider 'toward heaven' - a text sequence that appears throughout the bible that does not rise to the level of concept. If you try the 'search verses' feature - which offers raw text matches, unlike the 'search concepts' feature - and enter words (such as 'toward heaven') you'll get a raw text match of what you're typing in, matched to the verse. Hope this helps, and thanks for asking!
How is this Ai-powered? This a simple search. There is something already like this everywhere.
@joshua_sisco Hey Joshua, thanks for your note. The interface may operate just like a 'simple search' would, but the backend and 'what you are searching (for example, the available concepts, among other things)' is AI-powered. We wanted to keep the user interface friendly and familiar. Having said that, I'd be interested to hear what you expect AI-powered to 'look like'? Thanks for commenting!