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Two years in the making, and DACA collected a series of great interviews with Drew Wilson (plasso), Chris Coyier (code pen), Haraldur Thorleifsson (UENO), Pip Jamieson (The Dots) and other masters in our industry; 44 of them actually that will be released every day. Wish me luck and send an upvote my way if you like the content.

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Today we are releasing the stories from a previously launched Print Magazine call Digital Computer Arts to the public, digitally. 2 years in the making, we asked 44 amazing designers to let us into their world and share their life changing projects, their breakout moments, work - life balance, co working, agency life, design processes and more. Wehave great interviews with Drew Wilson (plasso), Chris Coyier (code pen), Haraldur Thorleifsson (UENO), Pip Jamieson (The Dots) and others that are live now. We plan on releasing the rest in the next coming weeks and to extend the series for more. Read about the project at 😖 and if you would like to talk design or share your own project - let us know 😖
@tayler2412 I love how much time you've taken to bring some of the people's stories to light. Thank you so much for sharing!!
@tayler2412 These are some amazing interviews, congrats on the launch!!! (Also peeked at the source, noticed you used Webflow 😍😍😍)
@callmevlad Whoa! Hey there! Sure is, actually Webflow was by far the best thing that happened to this product. (Be great to get your or the WF design team's interview. Would be a such a great addition!) Thanks a ton for the comment!
@tayler2412 Absolutely - would be an honor! I'm sure we can make it happen :)
@david_freund Thank you so much David, it was a really unique and fun project getting to know all these talented folk.
I'm blown away that you were able to get interviews with this many incredible designers. This is incredible!
@patahern1 thanks so much Pat, We had a blast interviewing everyone. Personally, for myself, I never learn so much in terms of design processes, life - work balance, design critique and more. Really blessed that everyone let us into their world for a little bit.
The stories about these designers are amazing and I love the fact that they're real and unique. I follow must of them on Dribbble / twitter, so discovering how they built these products is fascinating. Thanks for putting these together and I can't wait to read more of these.
Interesting articles, well written and thought out. There's plenty to read and the articles go neatly in-depth into the subjects' stories. Apart from the content the design feels mystic and serene, it's fun just looking at the particles on the homepage!
@ricusmaximus Thank you so much for your kind remarks! We had blast interviewing all these masters in design.
Oh man! I can't wait to spend the time checking this out. Looks awesome! Well done!