Digital Adaptation

How to adapt your company for the new digital reality

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Paul Boag
Founder, Boagworks
Hello all. Thanks for taking a look at my book Digital Adaptation. Published by Smashing Magazine it is a guide to the world of digital transformation, to better servicing todays connected consumers. If you enjoyed a book like the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell then you will love Digital Adaptation. It is packed with stories of companies who have struggled with digital transformation and the barriers they overcame. After all, digital is not just another tool we can bolt on to our businesses. It has transformed our world and our organisations need to adapt to this new reality. I look at what steps you need to take in order to ensure your organisation succeeds in the digital economy. If you've had enough of your co-workers not understanding the Web, Digital Adaptation is just what you need — ideas and concepts that you can put in front of senior management to make real changes. You'll learn to: - Tackle bureaucracy and overcome legacy culture, - Develop a flexible and effective digital strategy, - Use responsibility matrix to minimize delays and costs, - Adopt a digital culture and become digital by default, - Apply techniques from mid-sized and large organizations, - Avoid toxic practices and improve internal processes, - Organize teams and boost their efficiency, - Embrace social media and use them effectively, - Understand the value of a digital team and invest in them, - Break down the walls and nourish collaboration, ownership and innovation.