Digit Number Pad

A wireless retro inspired mechanical number pad

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The Digit number pad is an affordable retro-themed wireless mechanical number pad, which for sure make you fall in love with numbers. It will light up your workspace and improve your productivity.
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Polaris  Chen
Polaris ChenMaker@polaris_chen
Inherited with vintage style, the Digit makes its come-back with even more features: first, the Digit number pad can support any OS whether it is Windows, IOS or Android. With Bluetooth integrated, you can connect it wirelessly with all devices such as your keyboard, pad or smartphone. By only weighing 200g, the Digit is pocket-sized and easy to carry around wherever you go! You can use Digit anywhere, anytime with simplicity.
Adam Tony
Adam Tony@adam_tony · 21
Look awesome!
Jackson Borynn
Jackson Borynn@jackson_borynn
basically great!
Alex Wawl
Alex Wawl@alexwawl · Software Engineer, Data Scientist
Looks awesome!!
Chris Germano
Chris Germano@chris_germano · Software Developer and Game Designer
Looks great, and the mechanical keys are a nice touch. 40 dollars is steep when compared to nearly identical products (2-in-1 numpad and calculators, either Bluetooth or USB connection), but if I had a daily need for a product like this, I'd likely shell out the extra 20 bucks for something that made me feel "cool" crunching numbers. Personally, I'd never buy this, but I wouldn't speak poorly of it for the sake of it. Strong product and aesthetically pleasing design. 👍