Digit for Facebook Messenger

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We're excited to officially bring Digit to Messenger today! Happy to answer any questions folks might have re: Digit and/or building on Messenger.
Ethan Congratulations. Was this built in house or on top of an existing bot platform? Also any lessons learned building a bot?
Super cool! A question though - did you happen to see a lot of requests to build it for messenger or are you trying to reach new set of customers? I mean, Alexa or Google Home could be even a better choice right?
Hey Ethan. Great Messenger implementation. Would actually love to chat re: building on Messenger.
Will Digit be supporting any German banks?
@kdykes Unfortunately we don't have any German plans in the near future ๐Ÿ˜•
@ebloch Canadian plans ? (Love the concept btw been an early follower !)
@derekmartin No :( We will definitely open up though once we are confident we can deliver the kind of product we're proud of and stoked on in Canadian and other international markets.