An interactive dining app for your next virtual date

Meet digiD8, the world’s first virtual date night app. Whether you are together or apart, digiD8 brings you closer. Choose a restaurant delivering to both of you, make food suggestions, and replicate the experience of dining at a restaurant together.
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Ada Nguyen
UX Designer, previously CS@Princeton
Hi Product Hunters! We created the digiD8 app to help people have fun even when staying inside. Whether you are a couple who lives together, or have only talked with each other through a dating app, digiD8 can be a novel quarantine date night experience that strengthens your connection. Let us know if you have any questions, and we would love to hear your feedback!
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Calum Webb
Community at Product Hunt
Love this idea @adanguyenx! Are there any plans to introduce a chat or voice chat feature, to speak to your date? Also very curious to understand what happens if you're too far apart to order from the same restaurant!
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James SmithTeam of Snoopreport
This looks really cool. Can restaurants guarantee that the food arrives the both users' location no matter what their distance to the restaurant it?
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What a great idea! This feels like virtual dating 2.0 and I love the way you have combined a simple interface with a completely interactive dating experience. I can't wait to try the platform once you launch in London!
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Pure Moderation: The Outsourcing Expert
highly dedicated, driven, and engaged
Great Idea. My organization partners up with companies to do customer support, moderation (including image, video, and text), and a few other operations. If you need help feel free to ping me. Congrats on the launch. I can't wait to see how digiD8 will grow in the future.