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Hi PH! We're excited to share v1 of DiggBot with you on Slack. It's a news and content bot that sits on top of Digg's deep cross-publisher data -- 7.5mm new articles daily, from 10mm RSS feeds and 200mm tweets a day! DiggBot will push trending and breaking news, as well as Digg Editions, a twice-daily recap of the best stuff on the internet. You can also ask it to pull top stories using keywords and publisher domains. Our launch post goes into a little more detail here: https://medium.com/@garyliu/intr... Check it out, and let us know what you think! - Gary p.s. DiggBot should come in handy during the NCAA Tournament, with on-demand score updates and push for buzzer beaters/upsets.
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One interesting fact about DiggBot is there's a secret command that will pipe you through to me personally, maybe you'll be able to discover it ;)
@garyliu absolutely love this. Digg just got a whole load better. I did not know that was possible! Keep it up my man, awesome to see Digg knocking it out the park!
@harrystebbings Thanks Harry! Would love your feedback.
Everyone's building Slackbots. 😊 Curious to see if the same happens when Facebook opens its Messenger platform.
@rrhoover Probably will slow down, but we definitely think about "messaging" as an aggregate platform, with Slack and FB Messenger being just a part of it. It's rare to have > 1B users suddenly accessible across mature apps. Sticking with just one would miss the point.
@rrhoover Facebook will bring this whole paradigm into the mainstream.. and with such a low barrier for devs to make something along with the 800+ million actives already there, it's should be pretty huge.
We've been using this for the last couple days at betaworks. Lots of use of /digg trending and /digg fun, and the alerts have been useful. I haven't used the keyword searches yet (others did yesterday, e.g., re the SCOTUS nomination) but I suspect that will prove to be the most useful aspect of it.