Digg in a box

Digg culture in a box delivered every three months

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Great idea. I'm now seriously considering experimenting with "Product Hunt in a box." What type of products will we expect to see, @myoung / @daweiner?
@rrhoover I can't make any promises, but it COULD be something like a pair of baby penguin twins!
@McAndrew that can't be legal. Also, sign me up. :)
@rrhoover not sure. it's an experiment from our edit and bd teams. we have some good stuff in mind, but we're finalizing now. btw, all of this stuff and the ads that run on our site, still pass through the digg editorial filter, or we wont run it...meaning, would we use/buy/endorse it.
I've been enjoying the new Digg via their daily emails and their videos recently. I did not see something like this coming though.
"Digg is the homepage of the Internet" ...really?
@danlev it is for everyone on the internet except for you Dan. i'm kidding btw. i dont know who wrote that copy. our tagline is more along the lines of 'what the internet is talking about' (meaning the stories, not us).