Digg Digg

The floating share bar by Buffer

Same tool as Share by SumoMe, cool stuff!
I love Buffer but I'm confused by the name, DiggDigg.
@rrhoover Me too. It made me think of Dig Dug.
@rrhoover They purchased an existing plugin. It was older plugin, goes back to when Digg was all Kevin Rosey and a bigger deal.
@fighto wasn't that bar the beginning of Digg's demise. Publishers were pissed that all of a sudden they weren't getting juice for their posts - Digg kept it all. If I remember correctly (and don't ask me why I remember) Kevin Rose was on vacation in China when his partner implemented it. When he got back shit had seriously hit the fan and they'd lost like 1/2 their users. Never recovered.
Thanks for adding this here - but yes, this was an old plugin that Buffer acquired some time ago. We aren't actively developing for it, although it is being used on a good number of WordPress sites!
I was going to post this tomorrow :) as @bramk says, very much inline with SumoMe. and yes - @rrhoover they bought it when it was already called that.