Digg Dialog

Live AMA’s w/ people who make the best stuff on the internet

Hey Hunters! We've been talking about bringing community and conversation back to Digg for a few months, and we're finally ready to show off what the team has built. It's called Dialog, and it's a thoughtful, live conversation between the Digg community and the people who make the best stuff on the Internet. We know that online commenting is sometimes ... unpredictable and mean. But we believe in the Digg community, and we've built Dialog with features focused on allowing the most engaging, interesting, lively, and civil conversations. Read our launch blog post here: http://di.gg/1jeqGeL, and check out what The Verge thinks here: http://bit.ly/1jeqH2b. And come join us tomorrow (Friday Oct 9) at 12p ET for our FIRST DIALOG with @ftrain about his latest article on Wikipedia. Let's talk! - Gary
Excited for this. I love that Digg went with the original name used back in @kevinrose's days: Digg Dialog. @garyliu - there are a several platforms doing something similar, including us with Product Hunt LIVE. What makes Digg Dialog different (or is it... maybe it doesn't matter)?
@rrhoover Our focus (at least initially) will be on conversations between journalists/authors and the Digg community, specifically about great long-form content that they have created. For instance, we just published a Digg Original today on the crazy (a little creepy) history of Myers-Briggs: http://di.gg/1RvOVQF. It's a meaty piece, and we'll have the journalist Merve Emre (@mervatim) for a Dialog later in the month. Additionally, we've built Dialog to be more like a live chat than most Q&A platforms, and we also spent a bunch of time considering the best "views" to make Dialog easy to follow, and easy to read after-the-fact. That said, I think it's awesome that there are multiple teams trying to solve the problem of quality conversation online. And I love Product Hunt LIVE!
@garyliu love that you're focusing on journalists and authors -- people that spend a lot of time thinking and analyzing what's happening now. I'll tune into @ftrain this friday. 😀
@rrhoover thanks Ryan. would love to get your feedback on it after you've had a chance to use it.
@rrhoover At minimum, we should get credit for not spelling it Digg Dialogg.
/me quickly registers diggdialogg.com
Love this. Congrats!