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Hi Product Hunters, I’m Spencer from Digest.AI. We’re super excited to share Digest.AI with you to get automated digests for your team’s Slack with our AI engine. Some backstory on the product: We’re the team that built SlackDigest and launched here some time back. That product was built on a more basic backend and not really built for scale. Since launch, it’s now used by over 300 companies, agencies, non-profit organizations and university teams. Our team took a detour to work on chatbots with clients on messenger / web for a while, from which we learnt a ton. However, while we were at AngelPad, we started diving deeply into the products we have built and realised that information overload and managing information in teams is a huge problem for teams of all sizes. Hence, we started on our journey to providing summarization at scale for teams. Having spent the last 3 months talking to users, researching on cutting-edge summarization techniques, and product (re)building from the ground up, we are happy to share Digest.AI with you guys! We trained the algorithm on public community chat corpuses to help identify what’s actually important, and are constantly experimenting with new methods to increase its capabilities. Digest.AI provides your team with an automated digest for Slack. You can connect the bot in one click and go on to manage your digest settings, even getting a digest with a click of the button. You can receive digests for all the public channels you are in, or select those that you care about in the menu settings. Receive the digests as an email, DM or both! If you want to share this with your team, you can invite individuals or the entire team too. This is a small step in our vision for the product. We believe that summarization of information is a really interesting problem with lots more applications that it can extend to. We can’t wait to see what more can we do with more platforms and more advanced techniques. Look forward to your feedback! Full story that we posted on Medium: https://blog.digest.ai/announcin... Thanks! Spencer, Carylyne and Max
Congrats on the launch, Spencer. Can you expand on the type of information Digest.AI can pull in?
@romanzadyrako Thanks Roman! Digest.AI takes in the messages in your team for processing, and then sends you a digest at the end of the day. Other than text, there are also metadata such as time between messages which factor in understanding the chat. We also have plans for other sources like emoji reactions too! Links that your team share is also automatically collated at the bottom in a nice format for email and DM. We prepared some screenshots above too :D
We are using digest.ai on @ssgslack startup community slack and it's a great tool.
@charlesjo @ssgslack Thanks Charles - helping community managers like yourself manage the amount of information for everyone is important for us. Super glad to work help you guys out!
Congratulations, Spencer! Great forward-looking next generation of an already useful tool!
@hawaii Thanks! Small step forward for us to see what we can do in summarization of important information at scale.
Really like this, can truly be useful inside our startup! Congrats Spencer on the launch, can you just tell me if you're planning on building an integration for other platforms?
@carlosleisantos Thanks! We really do think it's super useful if you have a lot of conversations going on. We're definitely looking at building more integrations – other chat platforms like HipChat, Skype, Facebook would be interesting ones, and then crossing over to summarize support tickets/sales conversations on platforms like Zendesk and Salesforce, and even documents in your Box folders.
@carlosleisantos What platforms are you guys using now?
@spenceryang Almost all Carylyne mentioned, Zendesk as well. Really like Digest.AI so far, can't wait for more integrations!