Learn to work with deep learning without code

Code free way to create a deep learning system. Use it to overlay marketing images, count objects, and setup custom conditions, such as alerts. Send data via email, or upload on the web. Optionally, scale deployment with your software team as your needs grow.
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Diffgram started as a school project for the Udacity Self Driving Car program. Since then we have had over 800 people from around the world signup and been amazed at the variety of uses! Imagine the power of modern deep learning with no coding background required. It's accessible to business professionals, marketing teams, engineers, doctors, and more. And because it started from a software viewpoint it has everything your software team needs to scale your solution.
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sandy bulrukFinding the best products!

Diffgram opened my eyes to deep learning! I'm seeing so many ways I can use this in my company. Amazing!


Easy to use!


A few rough edges but keep going!

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Lachlan Kirkwood
Helping Makers Look Better 👕
Great way to empower teams without diverse experience in ML! What model have you built the platform on top​ of? Would be great to know the level of accuracy across some datasets.
@lachlankirkwood Hey! Thanks :) This article goes into some detail on model options and tradeoffs: https://medium.com/diffgram/red-...
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