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Saeed Ezzati — I made Difalt
@jamescampbell , @casielane, @tsunaze #‎difaltapp 2.0 is on App Store. Now with Secret Events and Verified Users.
Saeed Ezzati — I made Difalt
Hello Hunters,
I'm Saeed, founder of Difalt.
Difalt is an app that lets you create anonymous events for the next 24 hours.
Anyone around you can see your events, and show their intention of joining by up-voting your events. Events with more votes go to the top of the list.
yes, you could say it's like a Product Hunt for spontaneous events.

Some examples?

- Someone is gonna jump off the empire state building?
- There is going to be a dating event in a bar around you tonight?
- You are planing a frat party off the grid?
- A paintball game in an abandoned factory!?
- Someone is going to have a giant surprise party for his girlfriend?
- There is gonna be a food truck party in your neighborhood?
- Yard sale? Any other kind of sale!?

Find out about all of these events and join them while stay ANONYMOUS. No login required!

We are also working on adding more features. Search, event categories and private events are some of them. Stay tuned.

I'm happy to answer any of your questions :)

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