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#4 Product of the DayNovember 18, 2019
Diez is a free & open-source developer toolkit for expressing visual styles that can be shared across codebases, native platforms, and teams. Diez radically lowers the cost of delivering a consistent visual identity across native apps & websites.
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Diez is a new open-source project from the Haiku team (https://www.haikuforteams.com) Haiku's mission is to revolutionize the way that teams create software — by unifying design & code. Diez's framework for design languages sits right at the gap between design and code, and it addresses a real problem that almost every software-shipping company in the world faces today: delivering a consistent visual identity (a.k.a. brand) across their apps & websites. Diez represents a big move toward executing our team's mission: it's been under development for a year and a closed beta for the last six months. And now it's all open source on GitHub for the whole world to use! During the Diez beta some brilliant folks have been integrating Diez into their design systems, from companies like Accenture, NBC/Universal, The Guardian, Cisco, Patreon, P&G, Atlassian, and McKinsey. (📢 shout out to our beta testers! ❤️) Now that Diez is open source, we can’t wait for the rest of the world to join the party.
Awesome! Сan't wait to try it. Looks very useful) Congratulations!
@peteliev Thank you!
This is sexy stuff. Can't wait to share it with my team!
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