A Personal Diet Coach through your favorite Chat Services

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by Ben Tossell (No-coder ๐Ÿ‘‰

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Hi Hunters, Today I want to show Dieterest, a Personal Diet Coach Service through your Chat Services. Inspired by Assist ( and Magic ( for Chat Assistance and Rise for Personal Diet Coach Service Thx to @nivo0o0 for feedback We have a question: with the new bot chat and the new features of these applications (messenger, telegram, etc.) how many applications we can replace?
@marcogurnari @nivo0o0 Hi. Contact me alex at, i'm interesting to add this feature to my @CallsFreeCalls with monetization
@MarcoGurnari great concept! Which messaging services are you currently integrated with?
@nivo0o0 Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp and WeChat.. The coach, however, are real people, so we do not use any bots for any of these app ;)
@marcogurnari Humans are obsolete, you should use AI ;-) . Seems like a great product , best of luck.
@marcogurnari @adriantofan Would love to know how/why you launched with 4 chat platforms; why not focus on one and move from there?
@dshan hi Derek, first of all thanks for your interest to Dieterest ;) we have created a waiting list to have time to develop the service for the various app, but as you say it's good to focus on a service: Today we could offer the best service with the telegram .. thanks again for your feedback ;)
@marcogurnari congrats on launching and interesting product! Can you elaborate a bit on the logistics of how the human aspect of the app works? How many dieticians do you have? Are they certified? Experts in certain diets? Do I always work with the same or rotate? Cross-platform?
@freshfey Thanks for your interest :) How many dieticians do you have? 6 Are they certified? Obviously Experts in certain diets? Some of our nutritionists are experts in the PALEO Diet Do I always work with the same or rotate? Very interesting question: User can decide to be followed by the same nutritionist, but of course the instant feedback service about pictures of the food that the user would like to eat, can not be followed by the same dietitian I hope I have answered all your doubts