A multiplayer tank shooting game in your browser

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This game is amazing. Reached the top of the leader-board with around 55 kills and decided to be the personal bodyguard for some new player - killing anybody who came near him. Showed me that some friendships don't need words.
reminds me of Agar.io :D
@rickats I like it even better.
Post your in-game names here :D
@alex_kaul I'm rrhoover, naturally ๐Ÿ˜€
@rrhoover hehe, can't catch you there %\
@alex_kaul Whiski B) - I was playing for an hour and dominating thoroughly until I got hit with one gigantic bullet. FML
@alex_kaul Your mom. Had an awesome destroyer but level capped at 45. Is this correct? Excellent game. Simple and addictive just the way I like em'.
this game is brilliant! who made this?