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Hey all! Happy to be on Product Hunt! We believe that the resume is dead. Creating, making and doing is what is critical to your career and life. We created did it as a place to track what you do, a place to give kudos to the people you collaborate with and a place to explore the body of work by other creators and doers. Tell your stories. Share your creations; your successes and failures. We all can learn from each other's experience. We look forward to your thoughts/feedback/suggestions and comments!
@msmillie I like the idea of having a dedicated community and place to share your work. It's a cool concept. I already have a personal website with a case study section/blog I use for this. Why should some one like me use your site vs my current solution for this? Or am not your target consumer? I made an account to check it out, I like the easy post format. Would be cool to see some guided prompts or templates to help inspire what kind of information you should share about your projects & work. Can be hard to get started. Always have a hard time with intros and structures of my case studies for example.
@jadenyc Thanks for your comment. I really like the guided prompts idea...thanks for that. Having your own blog/website is great. The reason to post to Didit is to get what you're publishing in front of a lot more people vs. trying to drive traffic to your own website. Think of Didit like you would http://medium.com. It's a place to publish your work/creations/accomplishments and have lots of other interested readers/creators/employers see what you've done. We will also soon be enabling a search feature so if I'm looking to hire someone who's really good at 3D printing, for example, I can see who has risen to the top based on upvotes and other factors.