Did This Lots

Year long challenges for a better you

Did This Lots is a site for tracking year long challenges. Whether you want to do 10,000 Pull ups, read 100 books or run 1000 km. See how far you've gone, how little you have to do each day to achieve huge results.

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I'm actually doing a year long challenge, in Design UI.UX.! What a co-incidence! haha
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@getkishore Awesome, what is the challenge?
@shawnonthenet Thanks Shawn, I've been doing the challenge at Dribbble and also on my blog: http://project365.design ! :)
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@getkishore Oh wow that is extremely ambitious and it looks like you're nailing it. Fantastic work too. Great to see you're keeping up the quality with the quantity. Followed on twitter and looking forward to seeing these designs daily. Thanks for linking.
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@shawnonthenet Thanks a lot mate! Yes, It has been extremely challenging doing this while working full-time, but totally worth it! Cheers mate.
Hey Everyone, I created Did this lots as part of a challenge in April to build one MVP every week. This was the week 3 challenge and a lot of fun. I love year long challenges from things like 10,000 pull ups(just 30 a day!), to the Goodreads reading challenge. I wanted one spot to track them all. It is currently able to track personal challenges, provide basic scheduling and show some pretty graphics of your progress. Given it was built in a week I left a lot of features out but I'll be continuing to develop it(often on live stream) as time goes by. I'd love to hear what year long challenges you've participated in?
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